I’ve Been Charged with a DUI in Toronto: Is the Cost of a DUI Lawyer Worth It?

PUBLISHED ON August 6, 2020

One common question that arises when someone is a first-time offender for a DUI is whether they need to hire a DUI lawyer in Toronto – or anywhere else for that matter. The answer to this question can be complicated due to the nature of DUI offences and the specific circumstances involved in these types of cases.  Generally though, because of the consequences of any DUI related conviction – you are well-advised to hire a criminal defense lawyer.

There is not a single “DUI offence” but rather, DUI offences include such offences as impaired driving, “Over 80”, and refusing to provide a breath sample.  And while all DUI charges are serious, a “simple” DUI charge where you were slightly over the legal limit for alcohol is very different than one where you were “Over 80,” caused an accident, and fled the scene.  As well, there can be increased consequences if you are convicted and found guilty of DUI offences depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

With lower BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) DUI offences, having a skilled DUI lawyer could make the difference between having the charges reduced or even dismissed versus going it alone at trial and potentially being found guilty of the offence.

It is important to remember, leaving aside any appeal routes, you only get one chance to fight the charges. Retaining the services of an experienced DUI lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

So again, to answer the question, the cost of hiring a DUI lawyer is well worth it if you want the best possible chance at securing a positive outcome for your case.

Don’t Forget to Factor in the Costs of a DUI conviction

It is important when deciding whether or not to hire a DUI lawyer, to remember that there is a financial cost to being convicted too, a consequence above and beyond simply getting a criminal record.

A first offence DUI where you are found guilty by summary conviction or indictment includes a mandatory fine of at least $1,000.

That is just the start of the costs you will have to pay. You may also have to pay for towing and impound fees to get your vehicle returned, the costs of completing a drug and alcohol awareness course, as well as a license reinstatement fee.  Further, there will almost certainly be an increase in your vehicle insurance for having been convicted of a DUI. The court could even require you to pay for the installation and monitoring of an interlock device.

Again, this is why you will want to hire a qualified DUI lawyer to defend you.

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