Things to Consider When Choosing a Criminal Defence Lawyer

PUBLISHED ON September 5, 2022

Quite obviously, no one wants to face criminal charges. However, this complicated situation arises daily. If you or a loved one faces charges, you should first hire a criminal lawyer who understands Canada’s legal landscape. Below, you’ll find five things that strong legal representation should demonstrate.

1. Lawyer Experience

Many lawyers practise specific areas of law. Some lawyers practise family law. Some lawyers practise real estate law. Others practise criminal defence law.

When selecting a lawyer to represent you on your criminal charges, make sure that you select one with criminal law experience. Research their reputation on the internet. Look at their website, their reviews and even social media accounts. Ask questions to find out about their experience with cases like their own. Some criminal lawyers have little experience with specific types of criminal cases.

2. Guarantees

Lawyers should not guarantee the outcome of any case. The proceedings of a criminal case are often unpredictable. Instead, a lawyer can at best give you their belief on the outcome of a case based on experience with previous cases and knowledge of the law. You must always understand that your case may not proceed the same way a previous one did. Therefore, you should avoid lawyers who promise a particular result.

3. Communication

An important part in your decision to hire a particular criminal defence lawyer involves assessing the lawyer’s communication skills. Your lawyer should make themselves and their resources readily available to you within reason. They should also demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude about working with you.

Ultimately, you should hire a experienced criminal lawyer who identifies your wishes and places them at the forefront of the process. You’ll want to ensure that you choose a lawyer that keeps you informed of the process as it unfolds in your case.

4. Retainer Amount

A retainer refers to the fees you’ll pay your lawyer for their services. Retainers often have different costs, depending on the nature and length of your case. Ask the following questions when searching for a lawyer:

  • Do you have a flat or hourly retainer for my case?
  • For which services am I paying?
  • Do you have payment plan options?

Attorneys with more experience in varied cases will likely charge more for their services. A lawyer with less experience may have lower rates. Although you may feel tempted to choose an attorney with a lower retainer fee, remember an experienced lawyer may be in a better position to obtain a satisfactory resolution to your matter – with or without a trial.

Hire a Criminal Lawyer Who Puts You First

When you hire a criminal lawyer, you need peace of mind that you have a dependable, resourceful defence team. At Brian Ross Criminal Defence Lawyer, our team can supply you with such. Call us at (416) 658-5855 to learn more about how we can guide you throughout the course of your case.


A criminal record can have lifelong ramifications. Don't take a chance with an inexperienced attorney. I will fight to get your life back as I have done with countless others before you.

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Brian Ross is a founding partner at Canada’s largest criminal Law firm, Rusonik, O’Connor, Robbins, Ross & Angelini, LLP. Prior to founding this firm, Brian was a partner at Pinkofskys, a leading law firm famous for its vigorous defence of its clients.

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